International Health at Home

HSE Emergency Multilingual Aid

Preparing to Volunteer

The Sphere Project – Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Human Response

Student guidelines for ethical overseas fieldwork

Disaster Response

Rehabilitation in disasters: Dos and don’ts

Rehabilitation in sudden onset disasters

Healthcare in Danger – The responsibilities of healthcare personnel working in armed conflicts and other emergencies

Communicable disease control in emergencies

Management of limb injuries during disasters and conflicts

Personal Development
NHS toolkit for the collection of skills from an international health project
VSO: Impact Beyond Volunteering

Resources for Migrant Populations

Migration and displacement

Refugees and forced displacement: International security, human vulnerability, and the state


Physical therapy with survivors of torture and trauma

Physiopedia Introduction to Global Health Online Course (available free to ISCP members via Physioplus)

Speech and Language Therapy
Developing Speech and Language Therapy as a profession in Uganda

The Importance of Speech, Language and Communication to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Summary of Evidence

Disabled Village Children, by David Werner

Hans Rosling – “The Joy of Stats”
Survive International – “There You Go”

Bigger picture
Handicap International: International Advocacy Publications
Economic profiles of countries
WHO: Report on Disability

ReliefWeb – Informing humanitarians worldwide