To join CPIHD, you must meet the following membership criteria:

Irish physiotherapists
You must be a current member of the ISCP. You will need your membership number to join.

ISCP members can now join via the renewal form on the Main ISCP website



Physiotherapists working outside Ireland
You must be HCPC registered and a member of the CSP. You will need  proof of your CSP membership and HCPC registration to complete registration.


Other health professionals
You must be registered with either CORU, NMBI, Dental Council or Medical Council, and a current member of your profession’s professional body.
You will need proof of your registration with the regulator for your profession  and proof of professional body membership to complete your registration.

Non-ISCP / non-physiotherapist membership

How to join
    1. To get started, click the link below to create your account.
    2. Complete your payment on the PayPal site.
    3. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email to link you to a form.
    4. Input the remainder of the information required to process your membership of CPIHD.