Mental Health and Psychological Trauma Among Syrian Refugees in Ireland

As the migration crises continues, health care and rehabilitation needs of refugees challenge health systems in many countries. Despite their resiliency, many refugees have complex health needs that are a result of a cumulative trauma they experienced in their home countries, during their journey, or in the period of adjustment in their new country. Language, cultural differences, poverty, and lack of familiarity with the local environment and healthcare systems are additional barriers in accessing heath care. Participants will be encouraged to explore mental health and psychosocial support services, the experiences of health and social care professionals in Ireland of treating refugees and engage with the topic through break-out small group discussion and debate to ensure all gain value from attendance.

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At the conclusion of this study evening, participants will have an understanding of ;

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of mental health and psychological trauma among refugees
  • Understand the impact of torture on physical and mental health
  • Recognise challenges facing migrants in accessing health care services
  • Understand the role of multidisciplinary work in ensuring high quality health care services for migrants


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